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You may be familiar with Susie from the Busy Toddler website, or through her popular Instagram handle @busytoddler . She is beloved for her simple, toddler-approved play setups and her down-to-earth parenting advice. But did you know that she also wrote and self-published a play-based preschool curriculum? Playing Preschool: 190 Days of At-Home Learning and its sequel, Playing Preschool: A Second Year of At-Home Learning are designed for kids ages 2.5–5 years old and are available for purchase through her website as ebooks. My daughter and I are currently halfway through her Year 2 curriculum (we completed Year 1 last…

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It’s 2021, and most of us have been feeling pretty cooped up for the past year. Spring is here and for many, the weather is warming up to provide more options for socially distanced outings — but spring also brings spring showers. And that may mean more time cooped up with the kids inside, with nowhere to run off that extra energy. Springtime and rain are a package deal, and in order to love the one, you’ve got to embrace the other. Let’s make that a little easier with a few boredom-busting ideas.

Sensory Bins

Ideal for kids of various ages, sensory…

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Nature play has a whole host of benefits: It improves kids’ physical health and fitness, protects their eyesight, improves sleep, and bolsters their emotional and social development. But if you and your kiddo aren’t used to spending leisurely hours exploring the great outdoors, there can be a learning curve.

First thing’s first: Go slow. Try introducing a short period of nature play into your routine several days a week. If you already play outside but want your child to connect more deeply with nature, switch up your routines to include different kinds of natural landscapes. Find a rhythm to nature…

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